LINE-X Transforms Your Products: Lessons Learned from Working With Over 100 Manufacturing Customers Worldwide

If you struggle to find a solution to make your products more robust and last the test of time … regardless of your industry, this is probably the most essential information you’ll read today. 

Enhance the Quality of Your Products

Do your products suffer from rust, impact damage, exposure, or wear and tear? Well, they don’t have to. And if you are interested in giving your customers the highest quality equipment, LINE-X can help.
Adding LINE-X into your manufacturing process gives you an edge – a premium, long-lasting coating solution that will hold up in harsh environments. A more durable product surface means more time in the field and greater satisfaction for your customer.
See what LINE-X is doing differently than conventional coatings – and how this helps your business.

The LINE-X Solution

Join top tier manufactures in providing quality protective coatings that offer enhanced protection against corrosion, impact and abrasions, water ingress and chemicals.

Implementing LINE-X Protective Coatings could be the answer to differentiating your product line, creating a premium item that customers will love. Customers know and trust the LINE-X brand to deliver superior durability. Upgrade your products in terms of quality and longevity.

LINE-X is already utilised by top manufacturers, including YAMAHA, Econo Climas, and War Eagle!

If you’re serious about this opportunity, you can request more information and download our Manufacturing Solutions guide to get an understanding of LINE-X Protective Coatings.

Inside the Solutions Guide, you’ll discover how LINE-X is applied, the equipment behind the application, product advantages and benefits,
and an insight into current product types utilising LINE-X and real-life case studies.

Our Advantages Include

  • Fast-set coating, increasing production times and saving labour costs
  • Utilise the LINE-X brand name on your products*
  • On-site Equipment Install and On-going Tech Support
  • Award-Winning Research and Development Team
  • Full Spectrum of Formulas and Solutions Including Color with UV Stability

Are These Manufacturers Any Different Than Your Business?

No, they’re not. Like you, they’re just trying to improve their product lifecycle and customer satisfaction. They have been so impressed with the quality and support from LINE-X that they’re willing to give us feedback and testimonials. See it for yourself…

Manufacturers Rely on LINE-X Protective Coatings

LINE-X has been around for over 25 years – and continues to build relationships with manufacturing partners globally. We are a trusted partner to hundreds of manufacturers and have solved numerous coatings challenges. We’re here to support you.

With LINE-X Protective Coatings, you get on-site equipment install– with outstanding ongoing technical support – invaluable!

You will get access to the LINE-X portfolio of fast-curing, solvent-free thick-build coatings, primers and topcoats – more revenue!

A team that will work with you to develop application procedures to your specific requirement
All in all, that’s all-round support – from the equipment to the chemicals and application process.

Receive more information today.

100% Satisfaction

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
We will be there to support your setup, growth, developments and provide solutions for your coating needs.

Specific Industries Utilising LINE-X Protective Coatings.

Impact damage, abrasions, corrosion control, water and chemical ingress can cause havoc to multiple substrates within multiple industries. LINE-X Protective Coatings provide coating solutions to prevent these issues within a variety of manufacturing sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • Marine vessels
  • Speaker cabinet and flight cases
  • Automotive load beds and bodywork
  • Film/Theater sculptures
  • Military Equipment
  • Pipelines
  • Mining Equipment
  • And much more

The Equipment: How It's Sprayed.

LINE-X is NOT applied by your standard spray-paint equipment. The required equipment is much more advanced than a traditional spray-gun.

Thick-build materials, such as LINE-X require specialist plural component machines that heat the materials and pump through a heated hose.

The application equipment is probably the most advanced available in the present market place. It contains the ability to heat the chemicals to the correct temperature for application in under 40 minutes, eliminating the need for temperature-controlled storage, days before application. The equipment comes complete with a digital flow meter to enable ease of monitoring of the chemical usage per each application. The equipment also controls the mix ratio, ensuring that the 1 to 1 ratio is always achieved and reduces the risk of applicator error. On the rare occasion when a fault occurs, the machine has a self-diagnostic fault finder directing you to the problem area.

LINE-X Equiptment

Here’s the harsh truth you probably already know: If you want different results, you need to do something different. Make a definitive decision and get in touch with the team to find out more about LINE-X.